Challah - Braided bread traditionally eaten on Sabbath, similar in texture and taste to brioche bread.Laffa - Also called Iraqi pita, this bread is round and very thin. We bake the laffa on our Saj, the “inverted wok” that is located in the middle of the restaurant.

Sucuk - Strongly seasoned, dried sausage from Turkish cuisine, softens a bit when you bake it or grill it like we do.

Chermoula -North African sauce made from olive oil, lemon juice, pickled lemon, garlic, chili pepper and fresh herbs.

Tahini - A soft and bitter cream made from roasted sesame seeds, indispensable in Middle Eastern cuisine. The basis of our humus and baba ganoush and seasoning in some of our dishes.

Amba - This sweet-spicy sauce enriches some of our dishes and is made from mango.

Zhug - The chili paste, or salsa verde of Middle Eastern cuisine! Spicy, sour and in our case green, this sauce gives a kick to some of our dishes.

Labneh - Another name for hangop, hung yogurt. Richer, thicker and fuller than normal yogurt.

Mashuya - Also called Matbucha, it is a kind of coarse salsa made from tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, onion and spices. Slightly spicy and a delicious seasoning.

Arak -The liquor from Istanbul to Alexandria! This aniseed distillate is not only delicious as a digestive, but also very suitable for cooking to give a fresh aniseed taste.

Malabi - Called Israeli panna cotta, this creamy, fresh pudding is a deliciously light dessert.

Kunëfe - A crunchy dessert made from kadayif (angel hair dough), mozzarella and pistachio topped with a rose blossom syrup. So good it’s beyond words...